Envirothon, where nature IS the classroom

Envirothon, where nature IS the classroom

What is Alabama Envirothon?

Alabama Envirothon is an annual competition where teams compete for recognition by demonstrating their knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management. The teams, each consisting of five high school-aged students from participating counties, use their prior knowledge and problem-solving skills to complete a series of five tests and prepare a twenty minutes presentation regarding an environmental problem. While attending the competition students are trained by professionals in the areas that they will be tested on: soils/land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife, and a current environmental issue. What makes this event different from any other academic competition – you are OUTSIDE, nature is the classroom!

Training for Alabama Envirothon begins early in the school year. Some schools have been very successful in encouraging students to become involved in their early years of high school so that they will be able to attend the competition more than once, thus improving their understanding of the events that take place at the county and state levels. Currently in Alabama there is the possibility that we can develop a program and enough interest at the middle school level to provide even more training for our future state winners! If you are in grades 7 or 8 - let us know of your interest in this!

Alabama Envirothon is an effective educational tool, capable of supplementing environmental education both inside and outside the classroom. Led by a volunteer advisor, teams usually meet from late autumn until spring. Teams work collaboratively to develop their knowledge of ecology and natural resource management and to practice their environmental problem-solving skills in preparation for Alabama Envirothon and Canon North American Competitions. 

We encourage you to seek out a volunteer advisor at your school or a county agency and get involved with Alabama Envirothon. For more information on this event visit www.envirothon.org the North American website.

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